The affected person is stable in the observation room of Marino Cassano.

During the afternoon procedure, a black campervan with red lines and a blue jogging suit were also seized. The aggressor was transferred to the Penitentiary Warden No. 44 of Batán and must testify before the prosecutor Florencia Salas in the courts in the next few hours.

The governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, spoke with the experts who have been advising him since the beginning of the pandemic (Aglaplata)

The Governor was meeting for more than three hours with the committee of experts who advise him and a group of 44 mayors. Health Minister Daniel Gollan said that despite 130 days of isolation, intensive care beds can be fully occupied by the end of August. “Today the priority is to continue avoiding saturation of the health system,” said the president

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, headed this Tuesday an extensive meeting by videoconference with the committee of experts who have been advising him since the pandemic began and who have been decisive in deciding the paths to follow in flexibilization or tightening of quarantine.

Five days after the expiration of the last extension, the president invited a group of mayors from the suburbs and another from the interior to the round of consultations to contribute their views on how they see the epidemiological situation in their municipalities, in addition to the Isolation compliance and Detect plan results. In total there were 44 communal chiefs who followed the three hours of meeting by Zoom.

During the meeting, the eyes of the majority of the experts were in line with the public statements of the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Daniel Gollan, in the last hours. They consider that, despite the 130 days of isolation, at this rate of contagion the health system will saturate in the second half of August and all intensive care beds will be occupied.

Faced with this worrying scenario, they stated that the only way to avoid collapse is to maintain quarantine. That means not taking a step forward and not making more activities more flexible. And, if a more conservative look is applied, backtracking in the suburbs. Taking a step back seems complicated because the intention of the Kicillof government is to coordinate actions with the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who has decided, from a minimum, to extend the current phase of quarantine, and from a maximum to move on to phase 2 and continue making activities more flexible.

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