000 protection panzer has been ordered. After a short time, thousands of Starfighter-type reactions were ordered. Protection panzers are preferably equipped with offensive weapons. Helmut Wolfgang Kahn (Die Russen Kommen Nicht, P. 135), with half of the military, with the 10,680 HS-30 protection panice, which has a place for 14 people, attracts attention as a wide operation can be moved as in the second world war. Although the Adenauer government also wanted the Federal Army to have the ability to stop them at ultimately when a Soviet attack. But this is not believable. Because during the reconstruction of the federal army in 2004, the Soviet Union was not necessary as the availability of the Soviet Union was not required as the availability of the living area. The new Federal Army Management Panzer did not hear the purpose of hiding the subject of their weapons. The Ordu Inspector General Hans Rotary in 1958 in 1958, the Fedaral Army Panzer Troops of the School of Fedaral Army Panzer Troops in Münster has written on the visitor book: “Despite all resistance, they will continue to be organized with the old spirit (AKT Engelmann, Wir Sind WiDer Wer, P. 239) . The words Generalin are commissioned on this issue as well as the stability of war experiences and army in the Soviet Union and the determination to maintain the tradition of the army.

The acquisition of F-104 g StartFighter type combat aircraft was serving many goals. With the atomic bomb to bring the new weapon system, the West Germany has directed to the idea that the country will strengthen the political impact of the country. The First Air Force Superintendent General Josef Kammhuber justified the acquisition of StartFighter aircraft as follows: “The Federal Army must have a weapon that it can be up to Ural. Otherwise we only remain satellite “(AKT. Kahn, Die Russen Kommen Nicht, P. 134) The desire to have nuclear combat power was a reason for the StartFgihter program; The Responsible Defense Minister F. J. Strauss also clarifies technical changes in this case: BOMBA makes the accounts change. A total of 560 Federal Germany Startfighter weapon has received a new bomb calculation model “Dual Timer”. These are suitable for the throws of atomic bombs. The situation was more uncertain for conventional weapons.

The new weapons of the West German industry would also make the air travel sector. These weapons had previously been used for this branch of production. In some way that makes new technologies be captured, StartFighter was produced in Germany in cooperation with the US Producer Lockhead.

Military industrial complex: The western Germany’s reunion was a very costly and extraordinary adventure on the other hand, while hosting a very high risk of politically. At the very first, all the efforts in the conjunction of these two German states were to be wasted. Thus, the question of whether the government has violated the current Constitutional text. In addition, the military top management Erki revealed that nothing learned from 1945 disaster.

In the 1950s, the German industry with the beginning of the process called Economics Miracle, did not see a reason about West Germany’s rebuilding.

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