The logic, which will play an important role in the methodologies of the dominant religious sciences, island, VIII. from the century, it has entered into the systematically maintained translation. Here is, isagoji is from this sentence, the civilization is between the works of Aristoteles and the first entered resources. As a matter of fact, it is known that this work is previously translated into Syriac and Phewholvial languages. Therefore, there are conflicts in which Isagoji’s translation of Arabic. In some sources, this work, Abdullah Ibn Al-Mukafa ‘(die: 757) or son Muhammad is the first time they are streaming directly to the Arabic. In contrast, in the Fihrist of Ibn Al-Nedîm, the first translation of the EYYAB b. Al-November has made that he made from a Syriac Translation. In various sources, different names are given in this respect. But rather than the names of the translates, the point that is important to us is certainly in the cycle of the absolutely, and the abbasîs are large and systematic

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After the translation studies of an activity, it is possible to find Isagoji in the Arabian language along with all the basic works of Aristoteles related to the logic. Isagoji is very important to enter the world of Islamic culture with Aristoteles. As it is known, the categories of the first book of this work Organon were written as an introductory and before Islam, was examined with the works of Aristoteles. There is no doubt when the workmaster is Porphyrios. In the Arabic sources, the SURs ferferyus said, and the new maghyrios of the new magnian school is the subject of this article “five. It is easier to understand that in this work, based on the short information that Aristoteles’ logic and metaphysics gives in various parts of the metaphysics and at the same time in a manner that suits the simple and dry style and logic understanding. and has revealed more batch. Or, as the basing is thought, five Tumel is not the invention of Porphyrios. Let’s indicate that, this does not mean that the work is worthless. As a matter of fact, thanks to the small work of this volume, Porphyrios has been as much as the least teacher plotinus in the walk of the philosophy after him. Because he has revealed the issue of Tumeller in this work without providing any solutions and introduced to any solution, three different views will occur as the solution to the solution to the solution and is known in the medieval philosophy. It can be called, IX in the Turkish-Islamic culture world. From the 18th century, the whole of those who are dealt with philosophy, whether they are involved in their own systems, whether it has been involved, whether they are at the most advanced by the Rank of Aristotle, has also made a special interest in isagoji added by Porhpyrios. By giving this discipline of this discipline from the first cycles, it is the continuation of their own traditions, although it is the continuation of their own traditions, although there is a continuation of their own traditions, although it is the continuation of their own traditions and they do not change their own traditions.

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