The aim of both flowing is the purpose of sharing the rillic and help. 2.2.3. The differences of Muvalat from the insurance are in the case of danger and compensation both in accent. Hanefi Lawyers stated that the muvalate flow is not binding within both sides, as there is no accomplished Contracting in the beginning. Because the Taberru Aydi Kabz does not occur without a contract. The Insurance Convention is a contract and binding contract. After the insurance is accumulated, it begins to pay the insured premiums. Muvalate is heritage after the death of the person who paid under the patronizer (YILMAZ, 1997: 152-156). All these institutions or applications appear as a solid support for insurance or individual-like applications on Islam

3. The method of the study, the quantitative analysis method was used in this study. The study consists of two basic stages. First of all, the fetvas given to the present in the insurance are examined and the place of insurance was determined to be identified in the Islamic law. Then, by interviewing managers of takaful companies operating in Turkey, takaful practices in Turkey were evaluated. Prior to the interview, the methods of statistical analysis were not available in the study, as a questionnaire was not responded to the company employees with the data collection method. While analyzing is quantitatively analyzed, the evaluations of the employees in the observation-suggestion section in the survey were considered in the study. In this study, the insurance and takaful in the light of the opinions of the administrators have tried to determine the place of Islamic law in Turkey and has presented several proposals for the development of this sector. In the first stage, the sources related to the name of the insurance in Islam were scanned. The rules that may be related to insurance were tried to be determined in the verse and hadiths. After the first period of Islamic State, the practices shown as insurance-like applications and the basis of insurance today are examined. Today, the acyl and muval systems shown as the basic basis for insurance are examined and similar to the present insurance practices. Then, I ibni Abidin is examined by the fetves of insulation of insulation on the present in the present practices and fetvas. At this stage, the location of insurance and the individual in Islamic law is tried to be found to be determined. For the second stage; first takaful company employees, to assess their views on the information about the takaful and applications in Turkey and a questionnaire to be analyzed by statistical methods have been tried to collect data. However, the quantitative analysis method was preferred in the study because the data collected with the survey did not reach a statistically significant number. For this reason, the answers to the only open-ended question in the questionnaire were evaluated. In addition, in the director position of the Tekafül, the three managers working in different departments were quantitative by collecting data with the interview technique. The interview has been tried to be evaluated within five basic questions. The legislation of the individual in the first question is the opinion of the Corice Presidency (DIB) in the second question, the opinion of the Presidency of the Tekafül (DIB) in the third question, the position of the state in the fourth question, the position of the state in the fourth question and the team on the fifth question, and the company’s knowledge about the individual’s knowledge and the work of the company. .

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