Britain Thanks to Napoleon Wars in March 1801 Thomas, St. John and St. He would conquer Croix, but they restored them in March 1802 with Amiens Treaty. It was then re-taken in December 1807, but with the agreement of 1815 Paris was restored. Later, they were sold to US $ 25 million as the control of Denmark until 1917 marks were sold to the United States and then renamed the “US Virgin Islands”.

Relations with Danes were stretched from the beginning. They constantly applied to the nearby islands and violated British sovereignty for Danes. St. The British ships established in Thomas were subjected to the tribute tax for recovery. Moreover, St. Thomas has become a base that the Denmark governor cannot stop or stops for pirates and pirates. The Spanish Veracet War Denmarks supported French colonies and allowed French collotte Amalie to sell British ships seized as a reward. Undoubtedly, the British invasion of the 19th century has not helped relations and next St.

After the British control in the region has been completed, the pure population was slowed. The region could have been able to return to an overseas (St. in Croix). The spanish raids in 1685 and the fate of the islands in the Dutch and the continuing negotiations among the British has led to almost abandonment of the islands; From 1685 to 1690 the population of the region was reduced in two – a Mr. Jonathan Turner and match. In 1690, it was a relatively relative explosion that has been swollen up to four four of the population. Geared in 1696.

From 1678, the British assigns a Governor Assistant for the region (originally for the region and St. Eustatius, son two islands were returned to the Netherlands). The role was a bit uncertain and there was no legislative, executive or jurisdiction. The Vice Governor was encouraged to assign a local Governor underneath, but not to find someone who can take a bearable warrant on them, is widely complained. In 1709, the Governor Parke observed that they have lived as wild people that do not have the law or government, and what is neither divinity nor lawyers “

The Virgin Islands were actually not as much as the legislature of 1773. . However, attempts to establish a legislative council and government organs in the region are the transformation value due to the repeated failures. The uncertainty of the duty of the duty and the fate of the region has affected the early population of small client British official attitude in small children – were prepared to replace the settles of the Virgin Islands, who are borrowed from other islands for many years. The citizens of the intermediate islands are commented on the lack of religiosity of the law and the residents of the law and order.

On 27 January 1774, the region was given the Legislative Assembly, but it was a full year for the constitutional framework. Part of the problem was that the islands were very few populated, it was almost impossible to create government organs. In 1778, George Suckling came to the area to undertake his duty as the region barker.

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